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“ONE DAY, WHEN you are not around you will be, what you left behind”

Weekend Green Hero Experience

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help care for our home? Now more than ever we need green heroes that can take positive action against climate change and the destruction of the planet.

We have design a few different ways in which you can get the best hands on experiences to be a green hero.

From weekend immersions to being part of a grand scale project. The green hero experiences give you the tools to be part of the solution, while leaving behind an impactful green print.

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GH  Experience

We are leading a big regenerative project in the sacred valley of the Incas in Peru and your participation makes it all possible!!

An 8-week long project divided in 4 important areas where you can learn, hands on experience in different topics related to self-sustainability.

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Soil Restauration

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Gravity feed Water Systems & Water harvesting

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Agroforestry & Food forest

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Bio intensive agriculture & Permaculture Design

Subjects and experiences for you to make your mark in this planet! 

After finishing the project, we are leaving behind a recuperated piece of this earth that becomes an ecological site for animals, insects and humans to enjoy and thrive. 


GH  Experience by Modules

Join module 1,2,3 or 4 ...what fits you more and learn how you can reduce your impact, create positive changes and take action.

Enroll modules 1,2,3 or 4

Each module of two weeks focuses on specific aspects of sustainable design.

Pick one that suits you and find out how you can start your journey towards sustainability.

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