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“ONE DAY, WHEN you are not around you will be, what you left behind”

 Green Hero Experience for Children

Children from local schools will have free access to the Green heroes educational center.

Upon arrival they will be greeted by our highly trained teachers that will be their guides on an interactive learning experience.

Through experiments, games and challenges we will investigate how water, food, soil, energy, resources, and ecosystems are all important parts of our lives and how we can live in a sustainable manner.

All children will recieve free transport, food and refreshments with every visit.

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GH  Experience for high andean communities

Our center will also host children and families from high andean communities.

These events will involve dynamic learning experiences and an opportunity to exchance ideas, talk about ways to protect our beautiful valley and build bridges between our organisation and the local population.

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Soil Restauration

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Gravity feed Water Systems & Water harvesting

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Agroforestry & Food forest

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Bio intensive agriculture & Permaculture Design


GH  Experience for Groups

Our center will be open for farm to table lunches and guided tours

Here visitors will be able to gain an insight into the work we do whilst also enjoying some fresh organic produce.

Profits from these experiences go directly towards the operating costs of the center and will allow us to extend educational opportunities to as many children as possible.

Sponsor an  Experience

Sponsoring an educational experience for a child means that children from the high Andes of Peru will have access to a fantastic environmental educational experience. Your donation helps us to cover the costs of transport to the center, a healthy lunch, inspiring teachers and learning resources. 

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