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A discount card loaded with love for the land

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With the purchase of the GH card you access discounts in the best businesses in the sacred valley and contribute directly to environmental education for children in rural schools in Cusco. (sacred valley)

1 card finances 5 environmental education workshops for 1 child in a national school, in addition to a green action per classroom (cleaning or planting) and a GREEN HERO certificate.


With the sale of every 10 cards, we manage everything necessary to offer the workshop in a national educational center and carry out an ecological activity such as the graduation of the future green heroes.

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For our organization to grow sustainably, your membership will help us ensure continued support for our actions.
...and best of all, thanks to your financial contribution, not only will you become a member of Green Heroes, but you will also have a green discount Card, which will allow you many discounts and advantages on different artisanal and/or ecological products, restaurants, bars, hotels and tourist experiences in the sacred valley of the Incas
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