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Education for an ecological transition and development of resilience...
for children.

Ecological transition is a concept that aims to put in place a new social and economic model in order to respond intelligently to ecological challenges. It aims to rethink the way we live together on a territory, work and produce in order to reduce our environmental impact. It is therefore important to learn these values and skills from an early age, to help children buildresilience to adapt to whatever’s coming their way so they will still thrive in the face of adversity and these challenging times.

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Our Magical Powers!
Deep Ecology-Permaculture-Resilience

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Our Magical Powers!
Deep Ecology-Permaculture-Resilience

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Join our teacher trainning

Join the trainning and become a part of a
growing community of like-minded people and
a positive key to the change we all wish to see
being brought to this planet.

3 days/2 nights
Weekend teacher

We believe that profound systemic change calls for a profound change in education, in our values, in our world view and in the way we interact with each other and with our environment.

My Green print teacher training aims to facilitate this transformation process by offering training of trainers and quality digital educational materials.


Join the green force changing the planet and share an incredible time with our experts on each subject!! 

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